Sunday, December 28, 2014

MutationPlanet 2.0 for iPad

is on the Apple Store. Still free. Download here.
Coupla new features in this version. First of all, it shouldn't crash if the critters start reproducing out of control. Now it detects if the critter population is too high or the frames per second is too low, and it brings on a natural disaster that kills off 75% of the critters randomly.

Added a "follow top critter" feature, inspired by GenePool.

My personal favorite new feature is the Genology feature, which shows the ancestry of species. I also rewrote the help system. Both use an embedded web view, which is pretty easy way to handle documents in a mobile app.

Enjoy, and please give it a good rating if you think it deserves it!

Aside from a possible bug fix or too, I think I am done with this particular AL paradigm, unless someone out there wants to pay me bocoup bucks to work on it. ;)

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